In 2017, Maple Ridge Skating Club, a non-profit organization, decided to redesign its website. As a board member and a Graphic Designer, I took the task and started to consider some options. The task wasn’t easy. We had to migrate the old website to a new hosting service and keeping the domain and obviously, the graphics and functionality part. 
It was then that, through a friend in common, we met Carla Matos who kindly offer her knowledge and services as a web developer to help us with the website’s redesign. 
For me, it was wonderful to work with her. Not only because she was able to offer a lot more that what I could’ve on my own since I am not a web developer but also, it is truly a pleasure working with her. She took time of her busy schedule to walk me step by step through the unknown until we achieved exactly what we were looking for. 
We have received so much praise in regards to the website. And every time we’ve needed to make a change or update that, I am not sure how to deal with, Carla is there, still supporting our organization. 
Carla is highly professional and her work ethic is outstanding. We definitely recommend her work.